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icon You won’t get lost and you won’t waste your time

You won’t get lost and you won’t waste your time

With its many streets, avenues and boulevards, Paris can easily turn into a maze. Finding its way isn’t easy, and Parisians aren’t necessarily available to give directions. They’re often in a hurry, stressed out and many of them don’t speak English!

With Jules&Julie, you will be guided by a Parisian who knows the city perfectly well. In addition to avoiding being lost, you will gain precious time by following a customized itinerary created by our shopping experts.


You will be shopping with an English-speaking guide

The French are not known for being familiar with foreign languages… But Jules&Julie will provide you with a guide who speaks fluent English, so you won’t have to experience the language barrier. If you want to ask a salesperson regarding a particular item, size or price, your host will happily act as an interpreter.


You will find what you are looking for

Our shopping specialists design a custom roadmap for each client. In order to do so, they carefully pick out stores in a particular district, according to what the customer is looking for. Their extensive knowledge of Parisian stores guarantees that you won’t waste your time in stores that don’t fit your wishlist.

We will try our best to help you select the right boutiques and once in store, the rest is up to you !

Discover the heritage of Paris

While you are shopping you will see many elements of the parisian heritage like a beautiful fountain, a church, a monument.

Your Jules or Julie will be really happy to explain you what is it exactly to help you to understand the french culture and the Parisian heritage.

Now you’re in Paris it’s time to forget your mall ! Jules&Julie is here with you to shop and discover open air the city of Paris, you’ll combine the pleasant and the useful !

Enjoy the parisian lifestyle with a gourmet break

If you’re a little bit tired during your shopping day, you will have the time to take a gourmet break with a « café » and a « pâtisserie », your Jules or Julie knows the best places in Paris.  It will be a real french experience permitting you to feel like a parisian in his city!