Jules & Julie Bastille - Faubourgs - Canal St Martin - Jules & Julie

About the area

It was a time when Bastille was on the edge on Paris before this one grew up. The quarter housed the famous “faubourgs” where the craftsmen were working really hard in their workshop that you can still see on few building’s facades. It’s from these streets that started famous revolutions like this of the year 1789 or the 1830 one. To commemorate this, you can see in the middle of a large roundabout the column of July. This area is also famous for the souvenir of a fortress-prison the Bastille, it became one of the most politically symbolic places in Europe. On one side of the roundabout you’ll see the monumental Opera Bastille constructed in 1989. Bastille knows how to charm you with many shops and its popular culture and mind. It’s also amazing how it could be a busy place and also a really quiet and peaceful area if you walk down the Arsenal’s port, Bastille is full of surprises!

What we propose

Jules&Julie’s itinerary will take you to some of Paris’ most fashion-forward and elegant stores. Starting from the place de la Madeleine, the route will follow the main retail streets, such as the rue Royale, rue Saint-Honoré, place Vendôme, rue de la Paix and boulevard des Capucines. If you’re willing to take a break, ask your guide to take you to Café Verlet, a Parisian institution that has been around since 1880…

Few pics of this shopping neighborhood