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Bespoke bookworm

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Bespoke bookworm

You may have left College or still have to face a back to school season. Still when visiting Paris in the Fall you probably will feel this urge to (re)live the student spirit. Plaid skirts, bespoke uniforms, polished loafers… In September, you can almost feel this “Bohemian” joie de vivre” in the streets. Leaves start to blush while plaid and trenches make a glorious comeback in style.

This Fall, combine your love for fashion with a touch of literary curiosity. Start your day by finding the perfect artisan designer shoes in le Marais. After that, how about mixing a little culture to your shopping adventure ? Enjoy an exhibition before Museums get too crowded. Get inspired ! You can get a view of the Pompidou Center for a dash of modern ideas. Or you could let yourself infused with the Japanese atmosphere of the Guimet Museum. Don’t forget to check out their amazing library before leaving.

Then, our Jules and Julies will take you on a discovery of the Seine’s banks. There, the best “bouquinistes” (second-hand small book corner shops) will help you bring back some rare editions. And yes, some of them do carry English or other languages editions. Let our Jules do the talking for you. But again, you should decide what stopover suits you the best. You will get a bespoke experience in a city that offers Art in many forms, wether literal or more retail oriented. Here in Paris, use Fashion as your own sense of artistic expression.  After another round of seasonal shopping on the left bank, indulge a well deserved cup of tea or chocolat chaud (hot cocoa) in the cutest library/tea house : Shakespeare and company.

End the day by enjoying the golden hours on the Ile de la Cité. No doubt the autumn perfect light will inspire you a few sonnets of your own.

Get inspired for bespoke fall fashion at the Guimet Museum Library