Jules & Julie Trendy Concept Stores Retail tour Marais & Heart of Paris - Jules & Julie

Retail tour : what we propose

As stated in its name, this retail tour is dedicated to the most iconic Parisians concept stores. The idea is to allow you discover a selection of fashion, decorations and lifestyle’s concept stores which make the heart of Paris an essential destination to be aware of last trends.

Where are we going to take you

You must surely know the Marais district but do you really know the High Marais?! Since its renovation have you already thought of rediscovering the district?

You will discover or rediscover these addresses which put creation and design in the spotlight through concept stores and innovating scenography.
From the famous charity shop “Merci” to “L’Exception” including “Fleux” the decoration’s temple of Paris, with this tour you will soak in new different and inspiring atmospheres.

Let us guide you into the beating heart of fashion and Parisian lifestyle.


How is the tour organized ?

  • The Retail tour is a 4-hour walk in a district of Paris articulated around a dozen addresses.
  • We will give you an appointment at the starting point of the course
  • Your companion Jules&Julie takes care of you and guides you in the neighborhood
  • Your companion Jules & Julie presents each address and serves as an interpreter