Jules & Julie Eco-friendly Retail tour in Bastille Village - Jules & Julie

Retail tour : what we propose

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For the new IMPACT event, Jules&Julie offers you to discover the 11th district of Paris which abounds with addresses and eco-friendly initiatives.
From veggie concept stores to organic ecosystems including urban agriculture, the inhabitants of this neighbourhood have already adopted a responsible behaviour in their consumer’s habits.

Where are we going to take you

Thank to us you will discover “Front de Mode” embodied by its creative and founder Sakina Msa, pioneer of the reflexion about eco-responsibility in the environment of fashion and luxury business. We will also dive into the heart of new concept of sales depots discovering the emerging address of second hand market hidden in a Parisian passage. The success of “La Frange à l’envers” shows that the recycling of our dressings is more and more important in our consumer’s habits.

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How is the tour organized ?

  • The Retail tour is a 4-hour walk in a district of Paris articulated around a dozen addresses.
  • We will give you an appointment at the starting point of the course
  • Your companion Jules&Julie takes care of you and guides you in the neighborhood
  • Your companion Jules&Julie presents each address and serves as an interpreter