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Jules&Julie is hiring shopping guides !

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Jules&Julie is hiring shopping guides !

Jules & Julie is a brand new startup launching in July 2016.   We propose personalized shopping tours in Paris for tourists.


Your role will consist in taking charge of a small group of foreign tourists (one to four individuals) and guide them through a defined shopping route, in a Parisian neighborhood. We will provide you with a roadmap based on customer’s shoppinglist.

We are looking for candidates who fit the following requirements:


  1. Live within Paris itself and be well acquainted with the city

The candidate also has to show a general knowledge of the city and its history. Having a good sense of direction and being aware of public transportation is also essential.

  1. Speak English fluently

It doesn’t matter if you have an English, American of Irish accent!

Mastering English is mandatory since the job consists into spending half a day with foreign tourists. They will rely on you to guide them and act as an interpreter, especially with salespeople. Basic notions are not sufficient.

  1. Be available at least one day per week

Customers have the choice between three options: “Morning”, “Afternoon” or “All-day”, so we require that you be available from 9.30am to 7pm.

  1. Be well-groomed, welcoming and customer-oriented

We are looking for guides who embody Paris’ glamour and elegance. This means that your outfit has to be impeccable at all times. You have to demonstrate good social skills, be smiling and beign thoughtful, so the client has an unforgettable experience. You will also have to assist them during the tax refund process if required. Are you ready to rehabilitate the French’s poor reputation to foreigners?! J

  1. Be keen on fashion

Don’t worry, you don’t have to be a fashionista or a personal shopper! But we’d appreciate a certain sensitivity and basic knowledge of fashion brands.

If you are interested and fit our main requirements, we invite you to fill the form below :