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We'll help you getting your refund

After proceeding to a purchase for an amount of over €175 in a store, foreign tourists (non EU members) can ask for a VAT refund. If you are eligible for the tax refund and you wish to take advantage, then, your guide can help you with the refund process.

In France, the VAT is fixed at 20%, which means that if you spend €1 000 in a store, you will be refunded €200. In this case, the tax refund process can pay for an afternoon with a Jules&Julie host!

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Affiliation & commission

The service we offer is entirely dedicated to your satisfaction. We are not affiliated to any brands and never receive commission so you can gain comfort that our advice is completely impartial.

Our shopping experts carefully pick stores and brands according to your taste and requirements, so you can have an unforgettable shopping experience.