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Paris, the City of Lights, French and Italian designers, small boutiques in the Marais and Saint-Germain, department stores Boulevard Haussmann… It is no mystery that shopping in Paris is everyone’s dream! But with European, Japanese and American designers all using different clothing and shoe size systems, shopping abroad is tricky and can easily become a headache. Here is what you need to know before you leave about sizing when shopping in Paris.

Clothing sizes: what you should know

There is actually no such thing as “European size” in clothing! Even within Europe, clothing sizes can be different especially between French and Italian, the two main European leaders in haute couture, but also with German sizes.

French clothing sizes can also be used in Belgium, Spain and Portugal whereas German sizes are also used in Austria, Netherlands, Switzerland, Sweden, Denmark and Norway.

Here is an international size chart to convert your size easily and spend more time shopping and less time trying the wrong sizes! Keep in mind that these international size charts are only guides to help you find the right size, as sizes may vary one brand or designer to another. But rest assured, most of the time you will find UK and US sizes on the label.

Plus size clothing

Shopping for curvy size clothing in Paris may seem a bit more difficult than in the US or UK but you will easily find some in chain shops or in smalls shops that sells only plus size clothing. Find more on thedailybasics.com

Find the right shoes… at the right size!

The shoe size system is slightly different than the clothing system as there is indeed a European shoe size, once again depending on the brand or designer. Below, you will find a shoe size chart to convert US and UK sizes into European sizes. And again, you will find the size of your country on the label for sure!

Source: Trendcy

Find all the information you need about sizes on Sizeguide.net and learn more about the size systems and measuring units in different countries for women, men, and kids!

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