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If you’re not a resident of the European Union and you’re a regular shopper, the tax refund process can save you a lot of money. If you’re not familiar with it, follow Jules&Julie’s guide for beginners…

What does tax refund mean ?

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VAT on all purchases totalling €175 and over from a single store can be refunded to non EU residents,

Can I benefit from it?

You can be eligible to the tax refund process if you are:

  • over sixteen years old;
  • staying in France for less than six months;
  • a citizen of a foreign country (excluding the European Union): you have to be able to justify it at the time of your purchase.

You also have to:

  • purchase an item in a store offering tax refund ;
  • purchase one or several items that falls into the tourist category;
  • spend more than €175 (all taxes included) on your purchase, on the same day and at the same store;
  • carry the goods back into your home country yourself.

How do I get the detax?

After your purchase, the seller will hand you a sales export form that you have to sign.

Before leaving the European Union, you’ll have to get a visa from the customs for your goods. Before registering your luggage, look for a PABLO tactile terminal at the airport (or address to the customs desk) in order to get it. Be aware that you might have to show the purchased goods to a customs officer.

This formality has to occur before the end of the third month following your purchase.

Jules&Julie’s advice: this might sound complicated, but don’t worry! Jules&Julie’s advisers will happily guide you throughout the process.