Jules & Julie What we do & who we are - Jules & Julie

To begin, we would like to specify that we are not a service of « personal shoppers ». They offer their service to those who search for competent and professional stylists to advice them during their shopping.

It is a respectable business, but it is not at all what we propose


We are not "Personal shoppers"

We are not here to tell you what you should buy. Our role is to accompagny you to the doorsteps of boutiques. After that, it is your turn to play!
We are not there to encourage you to purchase anything. Let us remind you, that Jules and Julie is a service totally independent from any brand or boutique.

We do not profit from commissions on sales, so for us, it does not matter if you purchase anything. It is you who pay us, not brands


We do not do style makeover

We are not here to tell you how to dress! We are not there to tell you that your taste is bad and that we can change it 🙂 We do not care for French arrogance! Every person has its style and as long as they love what they wear all is good, right?


About our guides

Let us be clear : our guides are not Fashion specialists.
Of course they have a certain sense of fashion and general knowledge of brands and parisian boutiques, but (with no exception!) you will not find a hysteric fashionista in our ranks! 🙂

Our guides have three major responsibilities:

  • First of all, their job is to follow a shopping route that we are going to create for you, based on your wishlist.
  • Second, their role is to secure your visit in Paris, so you will not get lost.
  • And last but not least, to make your contact with shop sellers pleasurable, they will assist you as an interpreter and they will help you get tax refunds.